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Currently Richard is a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship and global finance at many universities in Europe, and the US, including MIT.Richard also serves as a Trustee of the Bankinter Foundation of Innovation, a global Innovation Think-Tank based in Madrid, Spain.Dans la saison 1, tous les héros présument qu'elle est une intelligence artificielle.À la fin de la saison 2, on apprend (et elle aussi) qu'elle est humaine et qu'elle est la fille de Franz Hopper, le créateur de Lyoko.That artist was Nikka Kalashnikova, Aelita’s mother, who didn’t reveal the true identity of the artist to gallery director Mark Jamieson, instead leaving Jamieson to find out for himself when it was too late for the works to be pulled. Seven of the fifteen works by Aelita on offer at the BSG group exhibition, priced between 0 and 00, were sold before the show opened.Press attention flooded in from around the world sparking a global interest in Aelita’s work that continues to this day.Aelita emploie constamment de faux noms de famille.

Her first solo show was held in 2009 at the prestigious Brunswick Street Gallery (BSG) in Melbourne, Australia and featured all the works she painted as a one year old (she had just turned two when her exhibition opened).Prior to her first solo show, Aelita’s work was shown as part of a group at BSG.Aelita’s work was included in the group show after being shown to the gallery owner by one of the other artists.The café staff will not only provide you with a pleasant stay, but will also be happy to offer such services as carrying out various events. In our menu there is a big choice of exotic cocktails, beers and drinks. Our customers enjoy sitting in the open air among the trees and smoking the branded hookah.We also offer a translation of the best sporting events on the big plasma screen. If it is cold in the evening, a waiter will bring you a warm plaid or offer a hot mulled wine.

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