Intimidating police officer

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The most popular modern technique for interrogation — the one that has been taught in most police academies since the 70s — is the Reid Technique, named after the Chicago policeman who developed it in the 40s.It relies on a careful building of rapport, tests for reliability on known answers to control questions, and observation of body language to identify anxiety, which, according to Reid, is a signal for lying.IPOA also claimed Boinnet had instructed his officers not to allow their investigators to any police premises without his authority.Chairman Macharia Njeru led other board members in attacking Boinnet saying he is trying to control the affairs of an independent agency.

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He said the IG’s actions have grave implications on IPOA’s ability to hold the police to account as envisaged under the Constitution and enabling legislation.

When questioned about a crime, it is a pretty good assumption that the criminally-inclined will always lie: “I didn’t do it”.

The irony is that good guys — people who are actually innocent — will tell investigators the exactly the same story – “I didn’t do it”. And, if you apply pressure techniques, how do you keep the innocent ones from breaking down and implicating themselves by a false admission?

NEW BRUNSWICK -- The former Edison cop facing five counts of attempted murder and a host of misconduct charges was arrested Thursday after authorities say he tried to intimidate a witness days before his trial was set to start.

Michael Dotro, 40, of Manalapan was charged with witness tampering and conspiracy, both third-degree crimes, Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Dotro, who is being held at the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center, is due in court Friday for his first appearance on the new charges before Superior Court Judge Gary Price.

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