Updating sales tax rates in quickbooks andy kaufman on the dating game

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We want to make sure all of our clients are aware of this change and are prepared to process sales transactions properly as of January 1, 2017.Please note that these instructions and screen shots are specific to Quick Books Enterprise version.Each state has specific rules and guidelines, as well as providing you with a unique filing identification number for your business.

This option can be particularly useful for single store owners who collect taxes in one or two regions.When the integration creates a new Customer in Quick Books, the integration tells Quick Books to use the correct Sales Tax Item or Sales Tax Group based on the billing address in the order.Important: Quick Books cannot accurately calculate sales taxes if you are using Shipping Easy's feature for mapping all of a store's transactions to a single Quick Books customer.To see if the taxing authority has special guidelines to follow, call their sales tax department; my experience is they are quite helpful and can direct you to the needed documentation.Sales tax items are used to identify specific rates charged to your customers and the tax authority vendor to which you remit the sales tax.

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