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We actually did some work behind the scenes with 5.4 to improve the consistency of rewards being distributed.Still, the issues we have been having with Conquests are not acceptable and we are taking a hard look at the system to see what we can do to improve it.They don't always take that long, and they are usually delivered before that time, but we kindly ask that you please wait until at least 6 weeks before contacting us.

In addition to the regular way of testing an Instant Articles tracker (opening the article in the Pages Manager app), we now also provide an endpoint for faster testing while developing or debugging your trackers.

Here is how the tracker support allows for some of these improvements: We now offer a defined set of Instant Articles specific data that publishers can access with their trackers.

Using this packaged set of Instant Articles data brings the URL trackers to parity with the Javascript trackers for the data available.

We’ll post the Legislative Update and Bill Tracker each Tuesday to reflect the activity through the previous Friday.

If you have questions or additions to recommend, please email Ann Mc Cully at: Ann [email protected]

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