Who is davey havoc dating now

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The band recently released its self-titled debut album and plays the Vic on Saturday, May 27, 2017.(Steve Erle photo) On a recent spring evening, Tony Kanal and his bandmates prepared to take the stage at the Roxy in Los Angeles."There's a different type of excitement."Still, the effusive musician admits playing with a new band — his first since No Doubt formed in the '80s — is not without challenges."These songs aren't something I have muscle memory for 30 years," Kanal says with a laugh.It'd been 21 years since the Southern California-based bassist last performed at the famed Sunset Strip venue, and it was under decidedly different circumstances.At the time, Kanal's band, No Doubt, was arguably one of the hottest live acts in the world, thanks in large part to the success of its multi-platinum breakout album, 1995's "Tragic Kingdom." This time, however, with a brand-new band, he and three other musicians were hoping for little more than a chance to prove their worth."There is that hunger and excitement and that anxiousness again," Kanal says of Dreamcar, the new rock outfit he formed with No Doubt bandmates Adrian Young and Tom Dumont and AFI frontman Davey Havok.Reddit did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 1985, Scottish polar explorer Gareth Wood had a lucky escape while walking across a thin ice layer.They don't occur in very large numbers and finding them is difficult." Boyd believes there are three possible reasons why a leopard seal would grab a diver.He says it could be a defensive reaction, having been startled, or a case of mistaking the diver for prey while hunting other seals. He said, "Leopard seals have been known to stalk people and it's possible an animal could attack a person while knowing exactly what it's attacking." Leopard seals are regarded as inquisitive animals, but Boyd says divers should be wary of letting themselves become objects of curiosity.In his written account of the encounter, he recalled, "Suddenly, the surface erupted as the massive head and shoulders of a mature leopard seal, mouth gaping in expectation, crashed through the eggshell covering.It closed its powerful jaws around my right leg, and I fell backward, shocked and helpless." Wood was saved by his companions who repeatedly kicked the seal in the head with ice crampons until it released him.

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